Plovdiv is the sixth oldest city in the world and definitely has something to show. In addition, many say that this city is one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria. The city preserves its historical and archeological sights, making it a good destination for tourists.

Check out which places you should visit in Plovdiv:

Main street of the city

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The first place you can not miss is the main street of the city. Apart from the many shopping facilities you can explore, the walk in the center of Plovdiv is a long walk, because it is the longest pedestrian zone in Europe - 1750 meters long. He even surpassed Copenhagen, who was the leader.

The Ancient Theater

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Here is one of the top historical places in the city, the Ancient Theater, which was built in the 2nd century. It is one of the best preserved theaters in the world. It is located in the Old Town and in the past has collected up to 7 thousand people. Today, the Ancient Theater is considered one of the symbols of Plovdiv and is one of the most visited sights in the city. History tells that stone seats have once witnessed gladiatorial battles and animal battles. Today, many cultural events take place at the Ancient Theater.

The Roman stadium

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The Roman stadium is one of the most remarkable facilities and one of the most preserved buildings of ancient Rome. It is believed to be built according to a model of the Delphi stadium. The stadium is located in Djumaya Square. After the building was declared a national cultural value in 1995, it was renovated in 2003 and now has a 3D movie theater and a café bar. You can only see the northern part of the Roman stadium, because the other Roman finds lie deep along the main stadium.

Singing fountains

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Here is a wonderful and relaxing place in Plovdiv where people spend most of their time. Especially when the weather is pleasant and you are walking around Tsar Simeon’s Garden, you can not miss to take the time and visit the Singing Fountains. They gather many tourists every summer Thursday, Friday and Saturday. At 21:30, the musical attraction of classical music begins with unique light effects. It’s worth seeing in the evening! The water from the fountains rises to 20 meters high. The place is unique!

Nebet tepe

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Nebet tepe is one of today’s six hills, which have been preserved to this day, around which Plovdiv was built. Together with Taksim Tepe and Dzhambaz tepe, the ancient city is situated. The whole archaeological complex “Nebet Tepe” is recognized as a cultural monument because the remains of the first prehistoric settlement of the Three Hills are revealed. The name “sky” in Turkish means a watch, and many researchers believe that the hill once used to deploy the guard garrisons. And what kind of view it is all about? From this hill you can see an exceptional panorama of the whole city. Plovdiv people adore this place and often go there to relax. In addition, many newlyweds prefer this place for their wedding photo shoot, because the pictures become truly unique.


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Among the heritage of the city is the monument of Alyosha. This statue was built in 1954 and was officially opened three years later. It rises at 10.5 meters and the figure is a Soviet soldier. From here again a magnificent panoramic view of the Rhodopes and Plovdiv is revealed. The idea was to build a monument on Bunardzhik hill in honor of the Soviet army. Vasil Radoslavov was chosen as a sculptor.

Old Town

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Many nations lived here and everyone has left the remains of their culture and their city name. The Old Town) is located on the Three Hills, which we mentioned above. Plovdiv, as we have already said, is one of the oldest cities in Europe - its beginning dates back to 4000 BC. You must be wondering why the city was first called Philippopolis? Here’s what history is all about. During the antiquity the Thracians settled on the hill and created a fortified settlement, conquered by Philip of Macedon. It is he who gives one of the many names of the city. Since Thracian times a fortress has been preserved on the very top of Nebet Tepe. It is extremely beautiful if you are walking around the Old Town in the evening. This is the place where culture and history mingle. Here you can see, apart from the remains of Roman and Byzantine walls and churches, quiet paved streets, Renaissance houses and Renaissance museums. If you want a cultural tour in the Old Town, we at Enjoy Plovdiv offer you a full-day tour of the central part of Plovdiv. You will have the opportunity to explore the ancient Roman architecture scattered around the Old Town. Visit the famous historic museum houses, buy souvenirs for memories, and take pictures of the most unique places with great views.

These are the 7 most visited places in Plovdiv, which are really worth to see. Take the time to visit each of them and make a unique photo of your memory.