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Нощен живот

Go on a wild journey into Plovdiv’s nightlife! If you’re done sightseeing for the day and are looking for things to do once the last museum has closed doors for the evening, put on your most comfortable shoes and jump right into the fray that is Plovdiv’s party scene. Dancing, music, DJs, live performances, dazzling light shows and enough drinks to go around – Plovdiv is a hotbed of fun and excitement. Our seasoned night-guides are well-versed in the art of partying, and they know all the best clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants in Plovdiv. They can take you bar-crawling in Kapana’s artfully decorated and lively establishments, or to an exquisite restaurant to fuel up for a night of dancing at only the best of Plovdiv’s night clubs. Don’t miss out!