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Винени турове

The art of winemaking is rooted deep into Bulgarian culture, with a history that spans 5000 years. Homer mentions the ancient Thracians as master wine-brewers, and it is well-known that they were avid worshippers of Dionysus, the god of wine and the grape harvest, and their legacy remains alive to this day. Bulgaria has a rich wine-making tradition, producing exquisite red and white wines in world-class vineyards and wine cellars. The wine produced in Melnik was famously a favourite of Winston Churchill’s, who would often order crates of it. Southern Bulgaria is the birthplace of the Mavrud red wine, indigenous to the region of Thrace, where Plovdiv is located. Immerse yourself in Bulgarian wine-culture and enjoy wine tastings at elegant wineries, wonderful service and a tranquil atmosphere that lets lose yourself in the moment. Get a taste of Bulgaria’s best red and white wines, complemented with appetizers. Couple your favourite wine with delicious local cuisine and enjoy the flavors of Bulgaria.

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