Organized or not, the first month of spring screams “Travel!” and who are we to deafen ourselves! From city walks through mountain peaks, ski resorts, waterfalls and villages - find inspiration for your next Saturday walk.

Krushevski waterfalls Spring is the time for waterfalls. For March I have identified several places in Bulgaria that I want to visit, one of them being the Krushevski waterfalls. These are several waterfalls, which are located between the villages of Krushevo and Mladen, not far from the town of Sevlievo. The waterfalls are on small rivers and are not very active for most of the year, so I stalked the spring flood to see them lush and with a rich pattern of water jets.

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Golyam Polezhan Peak, Pirin Each mountain is a wonderful place to walk, but Pirin definitely won me over with its incredible beauty. In March we can expect white peaks, bright sun and unique views

Veliko Tarnovo Although spring has not yet come in full force in March, Veliko Tarnovo is terribly beautiful in all seasons. And really, I visit it almost every March in recent years - the weather is usually quite nice, and there are two free shows “Sound and Light” that you can see. The first is on March 3. Few people know that March 22 is the holiday of Veliko Tarnovo, when it is the second light show. On the streets you will see a lot of people, fun, cotton candy, which is as fluffy as from childhood, and many, many smiles. Take a walk along Tsarevets, enjoy the festive mood and the colorful change of the city and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this old Bulgarian capital - one of the best places in Bulgaria that you can visit in March.

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The village of Belchin Belchin is a small village between the mountains Verila, Rila, Vitosha and Plana, 50 km from Sofia. Here the loudest noises are the conversations of the dogs between the yards and some “ku-ku-riguu” interrupting them. This is a place full of ancient history, wonderful nature and a little magic. During antiquity on the territory of the village of Belchin stretched the Roman fortress and fortified settlement Tsari Mali grad. Today you can see the eponymous cultural and historical complex, rising on the hill of St. Spas above the village. From there opens a fabulous view!

Perperikon and the Stone Mushrooms Perperikon is a place that amazes and impresses. A hill on which a huge ancient city with 8000 years of history has been discovered, including a three-storey palace dug into the rocks, a Thracian sanctuary, a street system with built sewerage, remains of churches and many, many more interesting things. A place that has a special energy, offers amazing views and that leaves you breathless.

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Dushantsi Dam

Melnik Melnik is so pretty and beautiful, and March is a good time to visit. It is the smallest town in Bulgaria, but there are many sights that must be visited.

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The Rocks of Belogradchik


Bekovi rocks, the village of Ravnogor One of the breathtaking views in the western Rhodopes … This is how I can describe the view from Bekovi rocks. It is really fascinating and very beautiful. Bekov rocks are near the village of Ravnogor. It can be reached by jeep, but it is more pleasant to park somewhere at the end of the village and walk about 30-40 minutes. So you can see the fields on both sides where potatoes are planted.