Sometimes when we travel, it’s the little things we remember with the most fondness – the way the sunset bathes a picturesque park in shades of gold, the sound of life bustling in a city, a cool morning spent quietly with the people sharing the journey with you. We’ve compiled a list of little things you can enjoy on your trip to Plovdiv when you feel like slowing down and getting lost in the moment, completely free of charge.

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Take a walk in the Tsar Simeon Garden

Tsar Simeon’s Garden is a splash of vibrant green in the heart of Plovdiv, located at the southern end of the Main Street. Despite its proximity to the city’s busy Center, the urban atmosphere of the outside world feels far away in this quiet corner filled with melodic birdcalls and natural beauty, making it a place beloved by generations of Plovdiv-natives and travellers alike. The exquisite fountains and sculptures, trees reaching towards the sky, flowerbeds artfully arranged into abstract shapes, every corner of this beloved park breathes with a life of its own.

Summer evenings offer a special treat for all that find themselves passing by – for three months of the year, after 9 p.m., visitors can enjoy the enchanting light show and music at the Singing fountains located in the Garden’s western corner.

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Stay active with a workout at the Rowing Canal’s outdoor gym

The Rowing Canal is possibly the most popular location for outdoor sports in Plovdiv. The canal itself is the venue of national and international rowing races, but it’s the lane around it that draws everyone from sports enthusiasts to people who just like to stay healthy. The track running alongside the canal invariably has at least a couple of runners and cyclists in even the harshest weather. The track is also suitable for rollerblading.

The Rowing Canal is becoming more versatile by the year. There are numerous football fields and tennis courts around it, and even an outdoor gym. It’s framed by woods, parks and, pretty soon, a zoo. The area is removed from the busier parts of the city, making it an ideal place to focus on your workout.

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Visit local museums for free once a month

Many of the museums in Plovdiv offer free entry on the first Thursday of the month – some of them to special demographics, but most to everyone.

If you time your visit right, you can visit these museums in Plovdiv for free:

The History Museum is split into 4 buildings showcasing 4 thematically different expositions. This set of museums is a real treat for any history enthusiast, whether you’re interested in Bulgaria’s Revival Period, its Unification movement, publishing industry, Modern history, or all of the above.

Plovdiv’s Natural History Museum is the second largest and richest in exhibits in the country. Here you can see a spectacular collection of plants and animals of all kinds, amphibians and reptiles, aquatic creatures, and even a live aquarium and terrarium. Students, pensioners and kids under the age of 7 can get in for free every first Thursday of every month.

The Roman Stadium located in the very center of the Main Street plays a scheduled video detailing the history and use of the stadium that can tell you about about Plovdiv’s ancient history. It’s free for students and pensioners every first Thursday of the month. The Archeological Museum is dedicated to the rich heritage left to us by the ancient Thracians and Romans who once inhabited Bulgaria. Marble, clay, bronze, copper and gold come together in a spectacular exhibition of ancient craftsmanship. The highlight of the museum is an exposition of one of the most impressive gold treasures ever found in Bulgaria – the Panagyurishte treasure.

The Ethnographic Museum is a true gem among the many gems of Plovdiv’s Old Town. It takes its visitors on a journey to Bulgaria’s rural past, with items and clothing that were an integral part of the local folk tradition and lifestyle for much of this country’s history. It’s free every first Thursday of the month for students and pensioners.

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Explore the local churches

Churches are a great way to get to know the local history, culture and architecture, and all of them are open to the public and completely free. Bulgaria’s official religion is Orthodox Christianity, whose churches bear a specific and ornamented exterior and interior style. Many of Plovdiv’s churches have a rich history that dates back centuries. Their architecture is an example of Byzantine church architecture, and inside their walls are decorated from top to bottom with detailed murals. One of their most striking features is the exceptionally detailed wooden iconostases – intricate wood carved frames depicting natural scenery, plants, and symbolic animals that hold the icons. Many churches are home to historical artifacts and icons of cultural significance. Churches are places of art as well as spirituality, and their doors are always open to visitors of all walks of life.

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Enjoy a free tour of Plovdiv in 4 languages

There’s only so much you can learn about a place by just observing. We at Enjoy Plovdiv want to share our love for this beautiful city with visitors from all corners of the world, and we’ve set off to do just that by first breaking the language barrier. We’re proud to present our free tours of Plovdiv’s central area in 4 different languages – English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Explore Plovdiv for free with the help of a local guide who knows the ins and outs of the city. See the beautiful Main Street and its Baroque style buildings. Enjoy a tour of the Old Town, where you can feel the spirit of the past in every cobblestone and every artfully decorated Revival Period house. Visit the art district of Kapana – arts, crafts, concerts, festivals and endless fun, all in a colorful, modern neighbourhood.