The famous Plovdiv midwife/gynecologist in hospital “Medlain Central Hospital” Dr. Borislav Ivanon won the prestigious Ironman triathlon. This is one of the most difficult day-long races and among the eight most exhausting races in the world. It duplicates the Olympic discipline triathlon and includes swimming 2 kilometers in open water, cycling 91 kilometers and running 21 kilometers. The three disciplines take place one after the other and according to the regulation must be overcome in one day for not more than 8 hours. Any participant who succeeds in finishing within the specified time gets the title “Iron Man”.

This year the competition was held in Pescara, Italy, and the competition included over 1000 super-athletes from all over the world.


The idea of the Plovdiv player to participate in the triathlon comes from his close friend Nikolay Penev, who was elected the lawyer of 2017 in Bulgaria. “We shared the madness to go along the path of this challenge and then we experienced the enormous joy of completing it.” Dr. Borislav Ivanov said. The gynecologist was preparing for about a month and a half - he had worked out every day for endless hours. “The competition generates a phenomenal, explosive atmosphere injected with a huge dose of adrenaline. A colorful mix of emotions that alternates an action plan, mechanisms to forget pain, power distribution, overcoming your own abilities, and creating future memories that will be told to next generations, “said the iron physician.