Audio Guide Plovdiv is the name of the newest innovative service for Plovdiv guests. Devices known from museums around the world can now enjoy a tour of the oldest lively city in Europe. It’s about 50 mobile devices that will be available to anyone in the Information Tourist Center near the Roman Stadium. They will provide information on 25 tourist sites in the city under the hills.

“This is a unique service created specifically for individual excursions. Such a thing has not happened in Bulgaria so far, “said Mayor Ivan Totev. The investment is worth about 80 thousand BGN. Every tourist can rent the device for a fee of 34 BGN per day, with a compact print card, headphones and three bonuses. These include a free entrance to: Trakart Museum Museum in the Archeological Subway, Museum of Armenian History, which is located in the courtyard of the Armenian Church. The devices allow uploading video, photos and video in sign language that create convenience for people who come in for a few days or just a few hours in business.

There is a map to the guide. The route includes different points marked with numbers corresponding to the sound recording. So researchers will find it easier to find them. Audio guides offer much more information than mobile apps. Sound files last from 4 to 6 minutes for each object. Specialized software is also developed to regulate the rental of the devices.

Routes include main attractions and last about 3 hours. Audio stories are prepared for each subject, in which the historical facts are presented fascinatingly and with curious details. They are designed to be relevant and interesting to any tourist, even for students. For the convenience of foreigners there are also short video-guides of the particularly complicated for orientation places.

So far, the audio tour is available in 3 languages: Bulgarian, English and Russian. Turkish and Greek are to be added. Walking tour is about 3 hours, the tourist makes it at its own pace and decides when and which audio record to hear. The excursion includes 24 attractions:

  1. Djumaya

  2. The church “St. Assumption of the Virgin “

  3. Ancient theater

  4. Lamartine House and Klianti House

  5. Puldin Restaurant

  6. Saborna Street

  7. “St. Konstantin and Elena”

  8. Lapidarium Square

  9. Balabanova House and Hindlian House

  10. Armenian church

  11. Church Museum

  12. Klukarnik

  13. Ethnographic Museum

  14. Nebet tepe

  15. Hissar Kapia

  16. Street of crafts

  17. The Eastern Gate

  18. The Little Basilica

  19. The Great Basilica

  20. Catholic Temple

  21. Trakart

  22. Forum

  23. The modern center

  24. Part of the Roman Stadium