Common actions in the field of tourism and culture are discussed by the regional governors of Plovdiv and Edirne. The valley of the Turkish city of Gunay Ouzdemir is extremely impressed by the opportunities and experience that Plovdiv has in these spheres. “I am very happy that it is Plovdiv, with whom we have an amazing relationship, to be the European Capital of Culture. It is possible in 2019 to organize joint initiatives “, commented Gunay.

According to him, one of the options is to conduct days in Plovdiv and Plovdiv culture and under the hills to have days of Edirne to present the centuries-old crafts and the arts of the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, including the abruss, ceramics and production of soaps.

Another idea is to jointly advertise the two municipalities. “Thus, tourists who stay in Edirne for longer will be able to make one-day excursions to Plovdiv and vice versa, says Director of Culture and Tourism Directorate of Edirne Ahmed Hadjiuolu. According to statistics for the last three months, Bulgarians ranked first in the list of tourists who visit Edirne. “So far, Bulgarian groups have traveled mostly for one-day shopping tours. More and more, however, they stay and stay in Edirne, impressed by the local hotels and the excellent cuisine in our restaurants. This has made us develop special packages for Bulgarians, “Hajioulou said.

The top culinary emblem of Edirne is the fried liver - the tiger jiger. The city is applying for the GINES record with the largest frying pan that has a capacity of 840 liters of oil. In the ranking of the 100 destinations most visited by tourists in the world, Edirne ranks 68th, and Mayor Recep Geurkan also boasted. Last year the city was visited by more than 3 million tourists and the ambition of the administration is to increase to 5 million in the following years.