Exploring caves is one of the most exciting activities to do when you travel somewhere!

Here we have a list of our favourite caves in Bulgaria, that you can go and visit!

Yagodina cave

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Yagodina cave is full of geological wonders. Its 1100 meters long way, open for toursts shows you around the lower section of the cave. It is popular with the “leopard skin” patterns on the walls that resemble the patterns of the wild cats, as well as the figure that resembles Santa! In this cave, speologists celebrate New Years next to a big Christmas tree. It is also popular for weddings - more than 200 couples got married there!

Magurata cave

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More than 5000 years ago, humans that lived inside, painted the walls of this cave with pictures of hunting activities. Located in Northwestern Bulgaria, it attracts visitors from all over the world. The 2500 metres that are available for exploring are well kept and lit. Bones of many prehistoric animals have been found all around the cave. The paintings gallery is no longer open to the public, but the ones that are open are worth visiting!

The Devil’s Throat

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If you visit this cave, you will see the tallest underground waterfall on the Balkan peninsula - 42m. It also has one of the biggest galleries in a cave, found in Bulgaria. The sound of the water falling down into the river is so loud, it can be heard from outside. According to the ancient legends - Orpheus went to search for Euridyce into the underworld, from this cave. The river at the bottom is another mystery - geologists are not sure where exactly it exits the cave, and multiple times they have put different objects in it, that then went out in different places.