With the widespread of fast fashion and the negative ecological effects it breeds, it’s no surprise that a project seeking to counteract the issue would emerge. Shirting originates from a platform for sustainable clothing founded in 2014 by a number of Slovenian designers. It aims to bring attention to the social and ethical problems related to the creation and overconsumption of fast fashion and seeks to increase consumer responsibility.

It brings designers together and tasks them with creating pieces of clothing meant to be co-owned by their users, instead of hoarded in a single person’s closet. Shirting creates an alternative for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and join a community of likeminded people. So far with more than 40 designers, 63 shirts, and 10 editions around the world, Shirting continues to grow and so does its user base of 500.

Date: 28-29.11.2019

Location: SKLAD at The Tobacco City

Time: 10AM-12PM; 4PM-6PM