Something tasty is coming to Plovdiv – ‘Wine and Gourmet’ festival

It’s time for the city of Plovdiv to wake up from its winter hibernation in which it had sunk in the last few months. As spring is right around the corner, the Old Town is preparing to welcome guests for the first tourist event under the hills for the year - the ‘Wine and Gourmet’ Parade on the 8th and 9th of May. The seventh edition of the festival surprises us all with a record number of participants, and their registration is not over yet. Winemakers and food and product producers will be waiting for you with interesting combinations that will be especially prepared for the visitors of the festival.

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The participants will be housed in ten iconic houses and restaurants in the Old Town. The event is a wonderful occasion to meet with good friends over a glass of wine and tasty food, among the greenery of the courtyards of the Revival houses in the Old Town of Plovdiv. Book your stay under the hills from now on and save the dates May 8 and 9 in your calendar so you get to experience a different and fun wine weekend. During the event you can freely enjoy the atmosphere of the festival, but if you want to do some wine tasting , you can try over 200 types of wines with tokens at a price of 75 stotinki per piece.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself a branded wine glass for tastings, so you can feel like a real professional. You will find them in front of each location, where there will be associates from whom you can buy the desired tasting set. To be able to fully experience the taste quality of the wines, we recommend combining them with suitable gourmet products that will be available at affordable prices. The tastings on Saturday will be open from 11:00 to 19:00 and on Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00. Your experience will be complimented by the accompanying fun and varied festival programme.

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Be sure to check all the participants and festival activities on the Facebook page of the event:

The ‘Wine and Gourmet’ Parade will be held in strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures regulated by the Minister of Health. Disinfectants will be placed in front of each location. Informational signs will remind of the introduced measures. A box with information on the issue is also included in the printed brochures of the event. We urge festival visitors to wear their personal protective masks and take them off only during tastings and meals. Do not gather in large groups and move only in the company of your closest friends or family.

Above all, everyone has a personal responsibility.

  • The event is funded by the Annual Program for Tourism Development of the Municipality of Plovdiv for 2021.