Sting’s Show Event №1 for summer 2018

Goran Bregovic and Vasko Vassilev will turn the Plovdiv autumn into a starlit.

 A whole host of stars have chosen to include Plovdiv in their international tours. The oldest lively city in Europe is among the top destinations of world-class music such as Sting. At the Antique theatre he will perform not one but two concerts on June 19th and 20th. It will not only be the most exclusive event for the summer, but for the whole year for Plovdiv.

Personally, Sting has chosen the former Roman arena to be a place to perform his performances. Only 3000 people, like the capacity of the Ancient Theater, will have the chance to become part of his world tour in Plovdiv. Literally for days the tickets were purchased at prices of 110 and 190 BGN (56 euro and 97 euro) from the online ticketpro and platforms.

Sting will not be the only international celebrity for Plovdiv residents and the guests of the city this year. The world-famous violinist Vasko Vassilev and Goran Bregovic will turn autumn under the hills into a stellar.

The Ancient Theater of Plovdiv has also preferred Balkan composer Goran Bregovic to present his latest performance “Three letters from Sarajevo”. The event is going to be on the 28th of September. Stage musicians from different areas, cultures and communities will gather on stage. Christian, Jewish and Muslim musical traditions inspired the new project of the creator of the iconic orchestra for weddings and funerals. Connoisseurs will see the different styles of violin playing in each of the religions - classic, clichmer and oriental.

“Three letters from Sarajevo” sends the message of peace and acceptance of the different. The new show is inspired by the hometown of Goran Bregovic - Sarajevo. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is both a metaphor for a peaceful coexistence between different cultures and religions, but also a symbol of terror and hatred.

An unforgettable experience for the Plovdiv musicians will become the long-awaited concert of the violinist Vasko Vassilev. Although the event in the new SILA Hall is only November 8th, the tickets are already on sale.