Plovdiv presents the Caspian Art Wave

On a fantastic journey through the Azerbaijani culture invites connoisseurs of fine arts to the Plovdiv Resonance Gallery. On the fourth of July, she will present the guests of the city with the Caspian art wool and the works of the famous artists Ebrahim Erhary and Gunay Shamsi.

In his works Symbianist Exarchy and surrealist Shams touch oriental motifs, nature, landscapes, people, society - with magnificent color and space for interpretations. Even more, it is also a joint exhibition of artists from two different generations - one born in 1938 and the other one in 1986. Azerbaijan covers not only the former Soviet Republic, which became independent in 1991, but also the provinces of Northwest Iran.

It borders with other countries, as well as with the largest lake in the world - the Caspian Sea. In the Caspian Art Wave, the two parts of Azerbaijan are united by artist Ebrahim Ehary of Urmai, Azerbaijan province, Iran, and Gunay Shamsi of Baku, Azerbaijan.

The great themes of Ebrahim Echary in his masterful and well-known engravings also take place in oil-rich oil paintings.

The balance between the European and oriental graphic traditions, between the image and the poetic emblem, are rich in layers and full of allusions.

32-year-old Gunay Shamsi, a prominent Azerbaijani family of artists, has acquired a variety of technical skills during her training in Azerbaijan, and has improved and expanded her knowledge with a sculpture study in Berlin. She creates her own style of “Pop Surrealism”, which surprises with amazing themes and freshness.