Plovdiv is the first city in Bulgaria chosen to be European Capital of Culture 2019. The city hosts numerous cultural events such as: International Fair, Kapana Fest, Night of museums and galleries, Plovdiv Folklore Festival, Sounds of the Ages Music Forum and many other interesting events. Know what to expect in September and do not miss it.

  1. Sound of the Ages Festival

On 21-23 September, the Ancient Theater of Plovdiv will host the World Music Forum “Sound of the Ages Festival” –there will be two concerts.

What to expect?

The charismatic Imelda May will excite the audience in the Ancient Theater live on September 21st. A special guest will be this year’s winner of the Voice of Bulgaria - Niya. You will listen to the newest album of Imelda - “Life Love Flesh Blood”, which was recorded with the incredible musicians - guitar, Mark Ribo, drums - Jay Belrouz, and more guitar - Zack Dawes.

On the 22nd, a concert of the new American metal super group “Sons of Apollo” will take place. They won many awards for their debut album “Psychotic Symphony”, released this autumn. You will be surprised, because the band will not come on stage alone. Come and see who‘s going to join them.

On the third day you can watch the world premiere of the show VIVALDI METAL PROJECT. This is a project by the Italian pianist Giuseppe Jampieri, the famous Maestro Mystery. He is known to the fans of metal as a session musician in the solo albums of Bruce Dickinson from IRON MAIDEN, and others. The Mystery will play Vivaldi’s immortal music on metal guitars and with vocals.

  1. Kapana Fest Autumn 2018

From September 28th to 30th, don’t miss the autumn edition of Kapana Fest. It‘s the most magical place under the sky, where the people of Plovdiv have fun together. Everyone knows the Kapana as the soul of the neighborhood. During these three days the neighborhood will become an independent territory for culture and arts. Kapana Fest attracts more than 50,000 visitors from here and abroad. There will be concerts, dance performances, reading events, exhibitions and over a hundred handicraft stores. Do not miss them!

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  1. Plovdiv Old Town days

Hardly is there any citizen of Plovdiv who does not expect the September days of the Old Town. This is the place where history and culture mingle. You will see there the quiet paved streets, typical Bulgarian Renaissance houses and museums. If it‘s your first time in Plovdiv, we, the team of Enjoy-Plovdiv , suggest you a one-day tour in the central part of the city. It encompasses all the ancient Roman architecture that has been scattered around the Old City. Sign up and you will see the most beautiful places in the city. You will also be able to visit the most famous historical museum houses, and you will see places with a unique view. Plovdiv Old Town days will be full of concerts, exhibitions and dance performances among the cobbled streets and Renaissance houses. This year, all newlyweds will get a free pass for their photoshoot in the historic landmarks.

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A retro car parade will also take place. Here is the program for the Old Town Days:

September 18th - Nedkovic House - Exhibition “Makrame” by the painter Neonila Hrelkova at 17:30 - Stambolian House - exhibition “In the spirit of the old bohemian”, exhibition with works by Georgi Bozhilov-Slona, Dimitar Kirov-DiKiro, Encho Pironkov, John Leviev and Hristo Stefanov at 18:30. - Bohemian jazz with Big Band Plovdiv and Ognian Videv

September 19th - The Little Basilica - Jewelery Exhibition by Gragat Arapetyan at 18:00 September 20th - “Uspenie Bogorodichno” Church - a tour in the Old Town called “The three hills of Time” .The tour starts from “Sveta bogoroditsa” Church at 17:00 - Hindlian House - Exhibition “From the Skilful Hands of the Armenian” by the Armenian charity society “HOM” at 19:00

September 21 - Danchova House - Exhibition “Black & White” at 19:00 - Bar “The Stables”/Konyushinite - The Old Town dancing under the stars (latino fiesta) at 19:00

September 22 - Saborna Street - a parade of retro cars from 11:00 to 18:00 - Bar “The Stables” - The Old Town dancing under the stars (latino fiesta) at 19:00

If you haven‘t visited the Old Town days, just make sure you‘ll feel the life of the quiet streets.

  1. International Technical Fair in Plovdiv

From September 24th to September 30th you will be able to enjoy the International Technical Fair, which is among the most prestigious business forums for investment goods and technologies in Southeastern Europe. It outlines the prospects of Industry 4.0. through innovative products offered by leading companies around the world. This fair is the largest technological meeting in the Balkans, and demonstrates the trends in more than one hundred branches of the economy.

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The highlights will be: - Digitalization - Automation - 3D - Virtual reality - Communications

Last year 569 exhibitors from 36 countries participated in the Fair. There were over 27,000 people at the show.

What to expect? This year’s focus will be the Auto City Plovdiv, a specially built city for testing cars.

Other interesting exhibitions: - AQUATECH - International Exhibition for Technology and Water Management - AUTOTECH - International Exhibition for Transport and Service Equipment - ELTEH - International Exhibition for Electronics and Electrical Engineering - ENECO - International Exhibition for Energy and Ecology - INFOTECH - International Exhibition for Information Technologies - ROBOHIGHTECH - International Exhibition for Robots and Robotic Systems - STROITECH - International Exhibition for Building Materials, Machines and Technologies - CHEMISTRY - International Exhibition for Chemical Industry - IMOTI Gallery - real estate, projects, building solutions

• Heavy mechanization machinery sector - Agricultural Engineering Department - Agricultural Equipment - Demonstration field for showing machines in action

  1. Love Swing Dance Festival

For swing lovers, the latest event is coming in September, the Love Swing Dance Festival. This festival takes place for the first time in Plovdiv and the idea is to gather the most eager dancers from the Balkans and the world. If you have passion for swing, this festival is just for you. There will be a lot of competitions, trainings and workshops. Among the famous dancers of the festival are Alice Mei, Felipe Braga, Felix Berghall and Egle Regelskis. These are the upcoming events of the beautiful and ancient city of Plovdiv that are worth visiting. If you are in Plovdiv for the first time and want to explore the most beautiful parts of the city, we, the team of Enjoy-Plovdiv can organize one day trips. Thus you will see the biggest attractions and learn about their history. As you can see, Plovdiv is a city where various cultural events take place every year, and people from all over Bulgaria come especially for them. If you have decided to visit Plovdiv in September, do not miss your chance to go to any of these upcoming events to make your vacation more exciting and unforgettable. We will be glad to be part of your excursion! We promise to be the best!