It’s no fluke that Plovdiv was chosen as 2019 European Capital of Culture – it’s a city that’s ever-growing and developing. In the past few years, Plovdiv has been working on some delightful additions to its cityscape, and some of them are already up and running. Here are the newest sights to see in Plovdiv, and where to find them:

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The Aqueduct Fountains

One of Plovdiv’s famous hills – the Hill of Liberators, locally known as Bunardzhika – is also a park, beloved by local families, joggers, cyclists and people who simply enjoy spending time in nature. The park is currently getting a full-scale makeover, and part of it is the new Aqueduct fountains – a set of fountains under a reproduction of an ancient Roman aqueduct. Past sunset, the fountain lights bathe the new landmark in beautiful changing hues of blue, green, yellow and magenta. A stone bear watches over the fountains. The pleasant atmosphere makes this place a favourite among those looking for a place to rest and enjoy the scenery.

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The Great Episcopal Basilica

Also known as the Grand Basilica, this stunning archeological discovery is one of the largest Roman basilicas in the Balkans, and the largest early Christian church ever discovered in Bulgaria. It was built in the 4th century AD. Aside from its impressive size, it is best known for its remarkably well-preserved and intricate floor mosaics that span 2,000 square meters. The vividly-colored floor tiles depict over 100 birds. The building protecting the priceless mosaics is still under construction, and the Basilica will be open to visitors as of October 2019. This historical gem is just across the street from the Main Street, on 3 Knyaginya Maria Luiza blvd.

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The archeological discoveries on the Main Street

Situated between the post office and Tsar Someon’s Garden is the newest addition to Plovdiv’s Roman Heritage landmark. Another section of the ancient Forum is now completely uncovered and restored, with steps leading down to the main building and lush grass growing in neat patches inbetween the structures. The site’s most striking feature are the beautiful white marble columns rising towards the sky. People often stop to admire the beautiful architecture, and pretty soon they’ll be able to walk down the steps and immerse themselves in the past.

The new Art Gallery on Gladstone str.

The main seat of the Plovdiv Artists’ Union was recently rebuilt from the ground up. The new building sports a fresh, modern look, with spacious windows and a gleaming white façade. The curved stone benches in front of its entrance fit right in with the modern art vibe of the structure and invite visitors to dive deeper into the art world and take a look inside. The gallery is already hosting its first exhibition, with many more to come.

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Graffiti all around Plovdiv

The Kapana district is already covered in stunning works of graffiti art from top to bottom, but Plovdiv is a project that is never truly finished. Artists from all over the city use its buildings as their canvas, and they’ve spread their colorful reach outside Kapana. Many are now covered in beautiful, vivid paintings depicting everything from abstract imagery to realistic scenes to surreal fantasies. New art pieces keep cropping up all over the Central area and beyond, commissioned by local businesses or created in celebration of the many festivals and events Plovdiv hosts year-round. Don’t be surprised if a familiar building gets an unexpected makeover!