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Find out more about some of the most interesting landmarks in the Rhodopes during this one-day tour from Plovdiv. Visit the remarkable Asen’s Fortress from 13th century and the second largest monastery in Bulgaria - Bachkovo Monastery, with the Miracle Working Icon of the Holy Virgin and the “Assumption of the Holy Virgin” Church, built in 1604. An additiional stop can be made at the Marvelous Bridges natural landmark – a stunningly beautiful rock phenomenon formed by the erosive activity of a river, which will cost 25EUR for the group.


• Visit the town of Asenovgrad

• Climb to Asen’s Fortress

• Explore Bachkovo monastery

• See the famous Marvelous Bridges - Optionally

• Ride the longest zipline in the Balkans – 250 m - Optionally


Our day begins with a trip to the town of Asenovgrad, just 15km away from Plovdiv. It is a well-known place for cultural and religious tourism, with a few monasteries and a large number of churches and chapels in and around the town. That is why it is referred to by some as “the Little Jerusalem”.

Just outside the city is **Asen's Fortress** – a medieval structure built into the rocky ridge of the Rhodope mountains over the Asenitsa river.

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This strategic place was first the location of a Thracian fortress, later used by the Romans, the Byzantines, and eventually the Bulgarians. It was renovated in the 13th century during the reign of Tsar Ivan Asen II to be used as a line of defense against the Latin Empire. It was destroyed in 1410 by the invading Ottoman armies. Today, the fortress lies in ruins, with a small church functioning within what remains of its walls. The **“Holy Virgin of Petrich” Church** is the only preserved building in the complex and one of the most remarkable examples of Medieval Christian architecture. In 1991, after a full restoration of the church, it began its function as an Orthodox temple.

Bachkovo monastery “Assumption of Holy Virgin” is the second largest in Bulgaria and a national cultural landmark. Built on a spacious terrace next to one of the banks of the Chepelare river, it is easily accessible and surrounded by scenic landscapes on all sides. The cobbled road leading up to the monastery is lined with market stalls selling trinkets, folk craft, homemade jam, honey and spices. **Bachkovo Monastery** was founded all the way back in the 11th century by the Georgian Gregoriy Bakuriani, while the area was still part of the Byzantine Empire. It has since been partially destroyed, rebuilt and restored numerous times.

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The monastery has 2 courtyards, 4 churches and a total of 13 chapels, some of which are located well outside its bounds and even in Asenovgrad. The monastery has its own museum showcasing crucifixes, ceremonial garbs, manuscripts, icons and donated jewelry.

The cathedral in the larger courtyard is called “Assumption of the Holy Virgin”, with the smaller “St. Archangeli” church built into its side. The “St. Nicholas” church is the centerpiece of the southern courtyard. In the cathedral there is an icon from 1311 known as the Miracle Working Icon of the Holy Virgin, with a silver repousse cover. It is believed that the icon has miraculous powers.

After we finish exploring Bachkovo Monastery, if you wish we can take an additional trip to the Marvelous Bridges an hour’s drive away, that will cost 25EUR for the group.

The Marvelous Bridges are three marble cliff bridges naturally formed by the erosive activity of the Erkyupriya river, which flows through them to this day.

The upper, larger bridge is an impressive 96 m tall arch, with an 43 m tall and 45 m wide opening, while the lower situated one (200 m downstream) is impassable. The third bridge is the smallest and takes the shape of a ponor cave, into which the waters of the **Erkyupriya river** disappear, only to once again emerge above ground 3 km away.

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For those looking to experience the **Marvelous Bridges** in a truly unique fashion, the nearby 250-meter-long zip-line offers the chance to zip from the eastern slopes of the surrounding area 80 m above the valley, under the largest bridge and all the way to the forest on the other side, reaching a speed of up to 40 km/h.

On the meadow just above the valley you can enjoy the beautiful view, relax on the grass or on a bench, or try the delicious food at the Chudni Mostove lodge. They serve barbecue, and we can personally vouch for the trout.

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Price per person

• For a group of 6-10: 18 €

• For a group of 4-5 or more: 22 €

• For a group of 2-3: 50 €

• For individual trekkers: 80 €

Inclusions / exclusions

The price includes

• Tour guide


The price does not include

• Trip to the Marvelous Bridges: +10 € per person

• Lunch

• Zip-lining: 10 €

• Entrance fees


The mountain trolley by the Marvelous Bridges is open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Price for groups of over 10 people: on request

29 €

per person


Day Tours , Monasteries and Churches

Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

Starting point - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1 day

Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn

Live tour guide available in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 10 people