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Escape Zone Plovdiv is an escape room full with puzzles, where a group of two to six players is locked inside and has a limited time, usually one hour, to get out and beat the game by solving a sequence of riddles. The door is locked, the clock is ticking, and you and your friends have exactly 60 minutes to escape.


You can choose between two rooms:

Room 1: „The Secret of the Professor“ - The story is the following - It’s the year 1984. A famous professor is found murdered in his office. Two years later the police still haven’t solved the case. His family secretly hires a team of private investigators. They infiltrate the crime scene to find out WHO? WHY? and HOW? ended the life of the lonely professor.

You are alone in the Professor’s Secret! Can you solve the mysterious crime?

You only have 60 minutes before the police return.

Room 2: “The Alchemist” - Here you go back in time on a quest for the philosopher’s stone - For centuries the alchemists were looking for the way to immortality and the biggest secret of their time – does the philosopher’s stone really exist? Go back in the wild 16th century and step in the alchemist’s lab.

The legend states that the philosopher’s stone is hidden there somewhere.

Do you think you can find it?

- For the kids -

Choose ESCAPE ZONE for a different entertainment for your child – the only room in Plovdiv, which offers a special Kids’ version of the riddles.

Children will have the opportunity to solve the mystery using unusual objects and their intellect, they will seek hidden places and will try to find the key to the exit of the room within an hour.

Make your child’s birthday an unforgettable day or just give him one hour of emotion which will stay long in his mind.

Price per group

Room 1: „The Secret of the Professor“ - 30 € for 2 participants / 36 € for 3 / 45 € for 4 / 50 € for 5 / 55 € for 6

Room 2: “The Alchemist” - 30 € for 2 participants / 36 € for 3 / 45 € for 4 / 50 € for 5 / 55 € for 6

The number of people on the team is your choice - a minimum of two, a maximum of six.


Prices are per group, not per person.

You can invite up to 16 children.

Recommended age – 8-13 years.

30 €

per person


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bul. "Ruski 48, 4020 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Starting point - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1 hour

Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring

Live tour guide available in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 10 people