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Flyboarding on the Black Sea Coast near Sozopol Facebook Icon Twitter Icon Email Icon


Challenge yourself and enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you rise 10 meters above the water surface, dive back in like a dolphin, do water flips and many more stunts and breathtaking maneuvers!


• Ride a one-of-a-kind jet pack

• Get that adrenaline rush 10 metres above the water surface


Flyboarding is undoubtedly one of the most impressive sea sports that any thrill seeker could try their hand at. It’s no coincidence that, for the third consecutive year, this water sport has been a number one hit among beach pastimes. The flyboard is attached to the feet using specially designed shoes. It is propelled into the air by a powerful stream of water fed by jet engines. No special skills required to use one. If you like this, try hoverboarding, water skiing or wakeboarding, parasailing and jet riding on the Black Sea coast.

Price per person

• 15 min: 70 €

• 30 min: 135 €

Inclusions / exclusions

The price includes

• 15 / 30 min of fly-boarding

• The necessary equipment

The price does not include

• Transportation


The recommended option for beginners is 30 minutes, as 15 minutes are insufficient for a first attempt.

70 €

per person



8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria

Starting point - Sozopol, Bulgaria

15 min

Summer, Autumn

Live tour guide available in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 10 people