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A full-day detailed tour for acquaintance with the graffiti scene in Plovdiv. You will experience remarkable works that will give your Instagram a new life. The Bulgarian Capital of Culture offers some of the most picturesque and striking wall paintings, and the artists have their own style and storylines and form the unique and vibrant Plovdiv school.

The graffiti are located both at the pedestrian center, Kapana and the Old Town, as well as in the districts. The masters of graffiti make all the surfaces they touch to create joy and mood.

Plovdiv is a huge gallery of street art. The paintings are painted on the rocks, on the huge blocks of flats, facades of schools, shops and garages, on the walls of underpasses and road junctions, on state institutions and abandoned buildings. The trains and the vicinity of the railway stations are not “spared”. Some of the works are easy to find, others are in hard-to-reach places. Around them, unexpected views and panoramas are revealed.


• See the most beautiful modern graffiti of the European Capital of Culture 2019.

• Discover the work of several generations of distinguished artists in Plovdiv - from the middle of the twentieth century to the present day.

• A detailed tour of the wall paintings created in little known places on the outskirts of Plovdiv.

• Immerse yourself in the hidden world of the most popular graffiti.


In its rich thousand-year history, Plovdiv has always had first-rate artists in the visual arts. In our eyes are the fine drawings, statues and ornaments of the ancient inhabitants, the newly discovered Roman mosaics, with which the city applied for UNESCO, the miraculous icons in the churches and frescoes of the houses of the Renaissance.

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After the Liberation in Plovdiv, the first school of art in the country opens, teaching the first teachers of modern Bulgarian fine art.

Today young artists receive solidly in several high schools and in the Academy of Arts. In the city under the hills, studied the world-famous Christo, who made his first steps as assistant stenographer in the Plovdiv Puppet Theater.

In the second half of the 20th century, the great Plovdiv artists began to create large and majestic works on the facades of the Old Town and the center of the “sgraffito” technique. Among the most prominent representatives of this generation are Dimitar Kirov and Georgi Bozhilov-Slona.

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Today’s graffitiers are worthy of tradition. Dozens of works have created the famous Pyrotechnix, CMS, PTC and East crèches Pyrotechnix, CMS, PTC and East as well as artists such as Ernasto Nasimo, Dark, Stern, Phame, Broke, Alice, Draw, Ozone, Esteo, 140 Ideas, Phameux, Merks, Konte, Cyborg and a number of others. Above the walls of Plovdiv they waved their sprays and many prominent artists from other cities and abroad.

The gramophones in Plovdiv embody the unique spirit of the city - colorful, cheerful, bohemian, playful, magical and romantic. Most of the legends, tales and exciting stories are told on the wall. In recent years the art of graffiti has gained increasing recognition in the capital of culture. A number of festivals are organized to enhance the urban environment. Institutions and companies hire graphic designers for their facades and street advertisements. Our tour will show you the hidden treasures of the graffiti in Plovdiv.

Price per person

• For a group of 6-10: 10 €

• For a group of 4-5 or more: 15 €

• For a group of 2-3: 20 €

• For solo tourists: 30 €

Inclusions / Exclusions

The price includes

• Tour guide

40 €

per person


Plovdiv Tours, Day Tours

Plovdiv Center, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Starting point - Ramada Hotel, Plovdiv

5 hours

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Live tour guide available in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 20 people