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Spend 7 days in the midst of nature and discover its beauty. Visit one of the most beautiful places in the Balkans and explore the largest and most immense monastery on the Balkan peninsula, the Rila Monastery.


• Discover the wonderful landscapes hidden in the rocky mountains

• See the Seven Rila Lakes and hear the interesting legend of their formation

• Enjoy the fresh air and serenity among the Bulgarian mountain’s wildlife


Our tour will start with the transfer from Sofia airport to our first destination, Dobrinishte. The journey takes about 3 hours, so you will have enough time to take a breather and prepare for the aventure that awaits you.

An experience to remember lies ahead of you. Among the places we will visit are the Seven Rila Lakes, famous throughout the world and the Rila Monastery, a recognized world cultural heritage by UNESCO. During the entire journey the enchanting landscapes and serene wildlife will envelop you in their majesty.

Day 1

Individual arrival to Sofia and transfer by bus to the starting point of our first hike.

Day 2

After a short ride on a lift we reach lodge Bezbog. The day’s hike begins from the lake that goes by the same name and continues with an upward incline. We traverse the slope of the Bezbog summit as we reach the shore of lake Popovo, the biggest and deepest one in the mountain. From the lake’s shore we begin the climb through a small side circus towards the Samodivski lakes. Beyond lies the climb to the Kraledvorska Left Gate, the highly situated circus Belemeto and lake Tevno, where we will spend the night.

Day 3

After a short trek in the circus and circling of the lake we head to the Mozgovishka Gate. As we move along the main ridge of the mountain we soon start trekking down through the wide Chaira circus. We slowly submerge in the folds of the mountain among the alternating fields and creeping pines, surrounded by rocky peaks. With a light and brisk climb we reach our destination for the night.

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Day 4

In the morning we begin with a gradual climb across the wide circus Golemo Spano Pole, through colorful fields towards the Banderishka Gate, from where we head towards the underlying lakes. The lowest of all is Lake Muratovo where we will stop to enjoy the magnificent view over lunch. We continue to descend to the valley of lake Banderitsa and Vihren lodge where the bus awaits.

Day 5

We begin the day with a 30-minute ride by lift that will take us to the Seven Lakes lodge. We begin a moderate climb along a grassy ridge where the panorama slowly opens up to the 4 lakes below, after some time we reach the shores of lake Kidney. As we continue the steep climb we shortly reach the Eye lake, the deepest high-mountain lake on the Balkans. Further up we reach lake Tear and come out on the high plateau which meets with Vazov peak. From here begins our continuous descent through the messy Urdin circus. As we move further down through the valley of Urdina lake we’re surrounded by lakes, plummets, waterfalls and the natural beauty of the wildlife. After a light climb our day ends as we reach the hotel.

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Day 6

We begin the day by climbing the wide ridges of the mountain, the pine forests now replaced by creeping pines and meadows. After some time we reach the shores of lake Ionchevo, where the path leads through the mountain pine and near small cliffs as it climbs over the jagged ridges. At the foot of Big Kupen peak we reach the Scary lake with a small shelter nearby. The amazing landscapes continue as we walk west along the high peaks and small lakes near their base. With a short but steep descent we reach Maliovitsa lodge and following the path along the lake we’re once again at the bus that will transfer us back to Sofia.

Day 7

Departure from the hotel to Sofia airport.

Inclusions/ exclusions

The price includes

• Transfers to and from Sofia

• Overnight stays for 6 nights in mountain lodges and small hotels

• Expert mountain guide

The price does not include

• Flight to and from Bulgaria


• Based on the physical preparation of the participants, modifications can be applied to the daily routes accordingly

• Single room on request - 80€

672 €

per person



Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

Starting point - Sofia, Bulgaria

7 days \ 6 nights

Summer, Autumn, Spring

Mountain guide in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 10 people