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The dome-shaped massif of Vitosha Mountain is located at the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia – so close, in fact, that the southern parts of the city lie on the outskirts of the mountain. Its highest point – Mount the Black Peak is 2290 meters.

The location is what marks the mountain as one of the most popular destinations for outdoor activities and recreation in the area. For many of Sofia’s 1.5 million residents, Vitosha is the go-to place for sports and leisure, as the slopes of the mountain offer all the necessary facilities and the perfect environment for hiking in Bulgaria, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and ski touring.


· Getting away from all of urban environment

· Visit one of the highest mountains near Sofia

· Get closer to the nature, and learn more about the local herbs and animals


Mountain Vitosha is a popular vacation spot, there are more than a dozen huts strewn across the mountain, as well as a few small hotels and restaurants, concentrated mainly around the main starting points. The ski infrastructure is located near Aleko Hut. As of 2013, most of the lifts are old and some are out of order for a number of reasons, such as the conflict between the goals of developing the Vitosha’s status as a ski resort and protecting the natural environment.

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Vitosha is buried in snow from December to April, which provides the perfect terrain for winter activities during this period in the higher parts of the mountain. Its topmost parts are notorious for their harsh weather – Mount Black Peak is known for being one of the windiest places in Bulgaria, so proper equipment and preparation are essential all year round for anyone who wants to climb it.

With about 70 bolted routes and some traditional ones the area of Kominite is a great destination for sport climbing. It takes around 25 minutes to get there on foot starting from the medial lift station of the Dragalevtsi-Aleko chairlift – Bay Krustyo area. The general Aleko area, particularly the trails below the chair lift are a popular track for downhill mountain biking. Vitosha has a number of routes for cross country and downhill biking to offer, for cyclists of any skill level from beginner to expert.

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The starting point for all who want to reach the summit of mount Black Peak – a journey that takes about 1h30min. At the top there is a meteo station and a small tea house, which offers food and beverages on weekends and during high season, but no accommodation. Many other routes lead down to the villages from here, on the north-east side of the mountain or across the high plateau of the Torfeno Branishte Reserve to the Zlatnite Mostove area.

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Inclusions/ exclusions

The price includes

· Tour guide

· Transfers to and from Sofia

· Packed lunch

20 €

per person


Day Tours , Hiking

Vitosha, 2346, Bulgaria

Starting point - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

5 hours

Summer, Autumn, Spring

Mountain guide in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 10 people