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If you want to try this new way of cooking and preparing exquisite dishes, this suciro course is the one for you. You can show everyone that goodness has no limits.


The ketogenic diet is super popular because of its many health benefits and outstanding results. This type of diet is high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates. Whether you exercise actively, lose weight or maintain prevention through diet - the keto diet is a common choice for diabetes and other inflammatory conditions.

If you already know what keto is, but you have no idea how to diversify the possibilities of eating desserts that follow the rules of keto nutrition - this course is for you.

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Meet the instructors

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Elena Petreliyska

The beautiful Elena is not just a chef, but a first-class cook. And she believes that the role of every chef goes far beyond the kitchen - for her it means having social responsibility. Its mission is to prove to more people that even today we can cook sparingly and eat consciously. And he succeeds.

“For me, cooking is a personal experience,” says Elena. For her, simplicity has never meant easy. That’s why her culinary experiments are like that - she removes everything unnecessary in order to get “definiteness on a plate”.

An innovator, experimenter and imaginative person, Elena is dedicated to exploring good taste and impeccable vision. It will take you through a culinary adventure in which you will learn not only how to prepare food in a new and healthier way, but also how to appreciate and respect it.

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Niki Krasimirov

An innovator with a creative approach in the kitchen - this is Niki Petrov.

He creates original conceptual evenings, develops independent consulting activities and enthusiastically throws himself into new culinary challenges.

His rich experience speaks for itself. Nikki worked side by side with Alan Jones at the Michelin-starred Almeida restaurant in London and was a chef at the Bulgar restaurant and the Radisson hotel. For 3 years he has been working as a chef at the Firefly Academy, where he teaches cooking classes for children aged 4-12.

He is currently preparing a new important and innovative project together with Elena Petreliyska and Dr. Svetlana Dimitrova, dedicated to self-knowledge through food. We look forward to it becoming a fact! In the meantime, we will enjoy each of his courses in the kitchen of Yummy Cooking.

Kitchen vibes

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We will prepare:

  • Chocolate Cheesecake

  • Blueberry “bread” with icing

  • Cocoa cake without flour with coconut cream

50 €

per person


Culinary , Things to Do


22 April - from 18:30 to 22:30


The chef will perform the cooking course in English

12 max