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With this course you will learn how to add a little spice to your kitchen and how to change things. If you want to experiment in the kitchen and surprise guests, this is the one for you.


Every bite of Mexican food screams “Ole!”

Strong and spicy flavors, a variety of colors, tickling the palate spices - this cuisine combines the traditions of the native Indians and the Spanish settlers and that is why it is so explosive and diverse.

How to combine simple products in memorable combinations? Come and you will learn from Men in The Kitchen. The course lasts 4 hours - from 18:30 to 22:30.

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Meet the instructors

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What is better than a man in the kitchen? Three, of course. Kolyo Minchev, Daniel Radoykov and Nikolay Nemigenchev are Men in the Kitchen - discoverers with different style and character, but united by a common passion - cooking.

Participants in the TV culinary show MasterChef 4 they are ready to welcome even your boldest culinary ideas.

After 10 years in the IT sector, Daniel Radoykov currently heads a department and follows his passion as a professional chef, which leads him to interesting places. He believes that food is an art and through it he can express his artistic nature.

The first experiments in Nikolay Nemigenchev’s kitchen began at school age with the making of a cake. Followed by life in France, where he was strongly influenced by local cuisine, and return to Bulgaria. He is currently diving deep into the niche of fitness desserts and has developed the recipe for the perfect protein dessert.

Kolyo Minchev started cooking as a student and discovered that he was good in the kitchen. He and his wife stormed New York, where he developed a business with Bulgarian food products. His culinary dream is to open a restaurant with salons for different international cuisine.

Under their guidance, each standard recipe becomes a culinary masterpiece. We challenge you to challenge them.

Kitchen vibes

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The menu includes the preparation of:

  • Guacamole

  • Tortillas

  • Carnitas

  • Mole sauce

  • Red salsa

  • Brulee with mango

70 €

per person


Culinary , Things to Do


16 April - from 18:30 to 22:30


The chef will perform the cooking course in English

12 max