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Come over to the shooting range and obtain new skills, try your hand at an exciting new sport, or simply relieve some stress!


• Practice the wide range of skills required to shoot accurately

• Learn the basic from a professional instructor


You do not need to have completed a course on firearms handling. Your instructor will teach you the basics of safe and accurate shooting.

The shooting range has six shooting corridors, each one 25 meters long, with the option of moving and and shooting straight ahead and to the sides.

The targets are paper, cardboard, swingers, bonus targets and plate rack targets.

Price per person

Depending on the package

• “Mixed” package, 50 cartridges - gun shooting 9 x 19 mm, gun .22LR, revolver .357 Magnum and a rifle pump. 12 – 43 €

• “Magnum” package, 45 cartridges - gun shooting TT 7.62 x 25 mm, revolver .357 magnum and a rifle pump. 12 – 51 €

• “Pistols Only” package, 60 cartridges – Makarov pistol 9x18mm, pistol 9 x 19mm, pistol. 45ACP – 60 €

Inclusions/ exclusions

The price includes

• The package of your choice

• Targets - 3 pcs. paper

• Number of cartridges and weapons (depending on the selected package)

• Protective equipment - anti-fog and glasses

• Training with a qualified shooting instructor

• Firearms training certificate

• Refreshments after the shooting session – coffee, soft drinks, beer, etc.


This voucher can be used every day of the week, all year round, in Sofia.

Lessons are held from 10:30 to 22:30.

Taking pictures and videos is perfectly allowed, even encouraged.

Cancellation within 30 days of the date of purchase

Location: Sofia city

Validity: 6 months

This service can not be used by minors.

Persons who are inebriated, under the influence of narcotic substances, suffering from mental illness and personality disorders are not permitted on the premises.

60 €

per person


Things to Do

София, България

Starting point - Sofia, Bulgaria

1 hour

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Live tour guide available in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 10 people