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If you want to get back into shape after winter breaks or get your body going again, this course is for you. The quick and easy way to understand and learn the fundamental things to be able to live correctly while respecting your body. All this for just a few hours while you are on vacation.


Spring is the best season to support the body with a relaxing detox.

In this course you will learn recipes that will help you make your light-duty detox program to get more strength and freshness.

Chefs Elena Petreliyska and Niki Krasimirov will tell us about the power of fruits and vegetables, how to balance and deliver the necessary nutrients, and we will prepare together fresh recipes to apply at home.

Elena Petreliyska is a graduate in nutrition from the University of Oxford.

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Meet the instructor

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Elena Petreliyska

Is one of the most beloved faces from the first season of the Master Chef show. She is radiant, hardworking and aspiring - she immediately won over both the viewers and us.

The beautiful Elena is not just a chef, but a first-class cook. And she believes that the role of every chef goes far beyond the kitchen - for her it means having social responsibility. Its mission is to prove to more people that even today we can cook sparingly and eat consciously. And he succeeds.

“For me, cooking is a personal experience,” says Elena. For her, simplicity has never meant easy. That’s why her culinary experiments are like that - she removes everything unnecessary in order to get “definiteness on a plate”.

An innovator, experimenter and imaginative person, Elena is dedicated to exploring good taste and impeccable vision. It will take you through a culinary adventure in which you will learn not only how to prepare food in a new and healthier way, but also how to appreciate and respect it.

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40 €

per person


Culinary , Things to Do


16 April - from 18:30 to 22:30


The chef will perform the cooking course in English

12 max