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A light ecotrail suitable for people of all ages. The beautiful scenery visible from several vantage points, the eponymous Bride cliff massif made up of a number of cliffs along the trail, combined with a zip-line near its end make this trail a definite must-try.


• Take in the stunning scenery of the Southern Rhodopes and feel the tranquility that comes with being surrounded by nature

• This nature walk is suitable for people of all ages, and there’s a bit of something for everyone to enjoy

• Sit down and relax by the children’s playground – ideal for families

• Optional zip-lining towards the end of the eco-trail down a 100-meter line


For this trail, we’ll be going to the Southern Rhodopes. The route follows the the Bride cliff massif, which consists of several cliffs.

The Bride eco-trail lies halfway between Pamporovo and Smolyan. Light, short and immensely beautiful, it is suitable for people of all ages and levels of experience. We’ll be walking at a leisurely pace, with plenty of time to enjoy the tranquility and take pictures. There are several clearings from which you can enjoy the view of the mountain. The first such vantage point is called “Beautiful” (Krasiva), its location marked by the well-crafted gazebo standing in a small clearing. One can see the city of Smolyan and the surrounding mountains from a gap between two cliffs. The Beautiful vantage point itself is just down the path to the left of the gazebo, offering a panoramic view of Smolyan and the forest-covered Rhodopes.

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The second vantage point is aptly named “Incredible” (Neveroyatna). It is at the very peak of the eco-trail, the path leading up towards it is slightly more challenging, but secured in its trickier parts. From this vantage point, you will get to see a full 360-degree panoramic view of the area, including Smolyan, part of the Smolyan Lakes, Pamporovo on the other side, and even Pamporovo’s Snezhanka Tower.

The return trip goes down the same path, a bit steeper in this direction. Once we reach the first gazebo again, we can head down to the children’s playground for a break under the shade of the trees, or continue towards the alpine zip-line – the official final stop of the Bride eco-trail. Those who are in the mood for a nice adrenaline rush to counter the calming effect of the hike can zip-line down a 100-meter line to an opposing cliff (the speed is adjustable). The zip-line is suitable for children as well as adults, and costs 4 EUR per ride. In the same area, you can also enjoy a nature walk down the Three Smolyan Lakes eco-trail.

Price per person

• For a group of 6 or more: 26 €

• For a group of 4-5: 29 €

• For a group of 2-3: 58 €

• For a single tourist: 90 €

Inclusions/ exclusions

The price includes

• Transfers to and from Plovdiv

• A guide


Transfers and/or an interpreter available on request.

The trail is less than 1 km long, but is known to take an unusually long amount of time to complete, due to the large number of beautiful views hikers want to stop to enjoy and take pictures of.

26 €

per person



Смолян, България

Starting point - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2 hours

Autumn, Summer, Spring

Mountain guide in English

Maxiumum number of participants - 15 people