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A day-trip to the area of Belogradchik, a place rich in natural wonders and cultural landmarks. Belogradchik is most famous for the Belogradchik Rocks natural landmark – one of Bulgaria’s top attractions. You’ll be able to see its beauty up close and visit nearby landmarks such as the Magura Cave and Belogradchik Fortress.


• Spend a day in the picturesque town of Belogradchik

• See the strikingly beautiful Belogradchik Rocks natural phenomenon

• Visit the Belogradchik Fortress

• Tour the Magura Cave and see wall-paintings that date back to pre-historic times


Belogradchik is in a picturesque part of north-western Bulgaria. It was founded by the ancient Romans, who built the the Belogradchik Fortress just outside the borders of the town in the 1st century AD. The walls were expanded in the 14th century, and today it remains one of the best preserved fortresses in Bulgaria. The walls of the Belogradchik Fortress wind around the Belogradchik Rocks, and in some sections, the Rocks themselves act as part of the wall.

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The Belogradchik Rocks are a group of 200-meter-tall natural rock sculptures. Unusually shaped, vibrant red-to-yellow in color, uniquely beautiful, and towering over the surrounding area, this is one of Bulgaria’s most striking natural landmarks. They rank second on the New 7 Wonders of Nature Reserve List and are on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites Tentative List. The rock formations resemble human figures, animals, pyramids and a variety of other shapes, and there are many local legends surrounding them. Neither words nor pictures do them justice.

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The Magoura cave is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria and a natural and cultural landmark with thousands of years of history. Inhabited in pre-historic times, in it one can see the remains of human activity from the Bronze Age, including building and furnace foundations. One of its chambers contains cave paintings dating back to the Paleolithic era – by all appearances, the cave was used for ritualistic purposes well before it was settled. The oldest sun calendar in Europe was discovered in this cave, from the latter part of the Neolithic era. It is painted on the walls of the chambers used for ritualistic purposes and marks 366 days in the year. Today, the cave is open to the public – entry every hour, on the hour. A section of it is used as a wine cellar, due to the favourable conditions for winemaking. This is the only wine in Bulgaria that makes Champagne using the classical method.

We can stop by some of Belogradchik’s other attractions, such as the Natural history Museum and the Asstronomical Observatory. There’s a number of eco-trails that start from Belogradchik – if you wish, you can go on a relaxing walking tour through the picturesque forests around it.

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To make your trip to Belogradchik truly unforgettable, during certain times of the year, if the weather is favorable, there are hot-air balloon flights over the area. You’ll be able to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Belogradchik Rocks and the surrounding landscapes.

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• Transfers from Sofia

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• Meals


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Day Tours

Белоградчик, България

Starting point - Sofia, Bulgaria

1 day

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Live guide available in English

Maximum number of participants - 20 people