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Batashka Mountain and Chernatitsa are one of the largest parts of the Rhodopes. However, most of their area remains outside the tourist trails. We invite you with us on a two-day adventure through these unknown parts of the mountain to enjoy together the endless panoramas of the green Rhodope Sea of ​​forests, meadows and peaks, as well as to peek into the deep valley of the river Vacha, hidden in its bosom. the blue eyes of several dams.


• Panoramic transition over the valley of the river Vacha

• Panoramic transition over the village of Beden

• Climbing the Dry Peak

• Visiting the remains of the Beadnos fortress


Day 1 - 25.07, Saturday

Meeting of the group in the village of Stomanevo at 11:00 am - start of the mountain guide service. Today our transition is through the southeastern part of Batashka Mountain. We move through mixed forests, which alternate with meadows. From different points of the route there are wonderful views of tomorrow’s destination - Chernatitsa, the highest part of the Rhodopes - Mursalitsa and Devinska Mountain. After seeing the highest dam in the valley of Vacha from above, we descend for a meeting with the transport - the end of the mountain guide service for today. Transfer to the guest house, where we will relax in a tavern in a traditional style, at a table with delicious Rhodope specialties prepared by our kind hosts. Transition: about 7 hours; displacement +400 m / -750 m.

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Day 2 - 26.07, Sunday

Transfer to the village of Beden - start of the mountain guide service. It is worth stopping by the remains of the Beadnos fortress on Suhiya Vrah, from where the Mursalitsa hill captivates us with all its splendor and invites us as guests. The shepherds along our road are a testimony to the fact that numerous herds have roamed here in the past, and the brass ringing of the vats and the barking of the faithful guards have echoed the mountain. Today we admire from afar the places we passed yesterday. Finally, satisfied with the experience and charged with a lot of positive energy, we head to the meeting place with the transport - the end of the mountain guide service. We leave for Sofia. Transition: about 8 hours; displacement +400 m. / -400 m.

Including \ Not Including

The price includes:

• qualified mountain guide

• transport

• overnight stay in a guest house (in a room with 2 beds and private bathroom)

• mountain insurance


Required equipment:

• Backpack: 25-35 liters and a bag for the rest of the luggage

• Shoes - high, with a medium hard sole, with a breathable and waterproof membrane

• Socks - tourist (including a spare pair)

• Clothing:

  • First layer: functional underwear (upper and lower), breathable and quick-drying

  • Second layer: fleece

  • Third layer - wind and / or waterproof jacket and hiking pants

• Raincoat

• Head scarf, hat with brim

• Lighting - headlamp with charged batteries

• Water tank - minimum 1.5 liters

• Food and drinks for lunch in the mountains - according to personal preferences

• Tourist sticks

• Sunglasses

• Medicines - first aid kit with the necessary medicines and bandages, incl. sunscreen with a factor of 30+

• A pocket knife

• Match / lighter

• Identity Documents

78 €

per person



Starting point Plovdiv \ Sofia - Bulgaria

2 Days


Guide in English language

Numer maximum of participants - 10