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Much like the ever growing city of Plovdiv, Enjoy is constantly striving towards expanding its range of services. Enjoy’s main goal is to promote the many positive experiences and sights Plovdiv has to offer. This city’s vast potential as a world-class tourist destination is on its way to being realized, and in the past few years great strides have been made to share its rich historical background and its status as a major cultural center with the world.

What we look for in a candidate

We are looking for bright, talented minds who love culture as much as we do and want to participate in the development of the city of Plovdiv. Our team values friendliness, creativity, open-mindedness, a sense of responsibility and the ability to resolve issues as they arise. People skills, eagerness to meet new people and a love for travelling are crucial.

Available positions:

Tour guide


Mountain guide




The benefits of becoming our newest member

We believe that with the right approach and sufficient dedication, we can increase Plovdiv’s already rising popularity. You now have the opportunity to play a part in helping the field of tourism in Bulgaria reach new heights while preserving Plovdiv’s history in the most effective way – by passing it on. On a more personal level, the dynamic nature of the job offers the chance for immense personal growth to those who wish to improve their language skills, expand their cultural knowledge, and develop their ability to work in a variety of environments. By joining our team, you get the chance to travel around the region of Plovdiv and get to know the Rhodopes and their natural wonders, the Upper Thracian plain and its beautiful fields and the historical and cultural heritage of these parts of the country. All transfers, accommodation and meals are provided.

If you’re skilled, outgoing and enthusiastic to learn and to share your knowledge, send your application by email at: office@enjoy-plovdiv.com, including:

The job is suitable for students.