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Tour gratuito a Plovdiv - Capitale Europea della cultura 2019

Visitate Plovdiv e andate alla scoperta delle sue più belle attrazioni, dal centro storico fino al quartiere dell’arte Kapana. Gratuito tutti i sabati dalle ore 10.00.



• Ammirate le antiche case del Rinascimento

• Scoprite l’Antico Teatro Romano

• Visitate lo Stadio Romano

• Immergetevi nell’arte locale nel Kapana

• Passeggiate lungo la strada dei vecchi mestieri tradizionali

• Esplorate la nostra cultura nel museo Etnografico

• Godetevi una vista panoramica sulla città dal colle ‘Nebet tepe’

• Imparate dove sono i posti migliori per fare degli acquisti a Plovdiv

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If you like to combine pleasant with useful and interesting, then you must contact Enjoy Plovdiv. With Nadia's guide we went on a short trip, only 45 km from Plovdiv and got to the village of Starosel, where we visited the oldest Thracian complex with the mausoleum. A walk through the most picturesque place in the mountains turned out to be beautiful .. it was very hot and suddenly it started to rain ... the rainbow ... is unique !!! But that is not all! We visited the winery with a real wine cellar, similar to the Thracian tomb. As a trip back to the past ... wine tasting .., and we were waiting for the town of Hisarya - one of the oldest and most popular balneological and spa centers in Bulgaria. A small green town. An ancient Roman fortress wall, a lot of parks, rare trees and shrubs, mineral springs, steam rooms, excavations, a Roman family tomb, the Archaeological Museum and smiles of locals willing to endlessly tell legends about their beautiful city. I did not want to leave! Thanks to Nadya and her colleagues for unforgettable emotions and time travel! I recommend!!!

Irina Ivanova Ulitovskaya


My short time in Plovdiv was definitely worthwhile. It’s a historic and cultural city that has a charming atmosphere, cobblestone streets in the old town area, beautiful historic eastern othrodox churches and a Roman amphitheater dating back to the 2nd century. There are many good restaurants and bars to enjoy great Bulgarian food, beer and wine in the pedestrian area. My tour guides, Nadia and Jana, with Favia tours, made my visit there most enjoyable and memorable and I felt like part of their extended family. I highly recommend visiting this city, especially with this tour agency. They go out of their way to help foreigners make the most out a visit to this unique Bulgarian city. Can’t wait to go back again!

Marilyn Rahilly